Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First post

Well here it is, my very first post, so let's start by introuducing myself a little bit !

My name is Patricia, I am 20 years old and I live in Nice, south France. And as a lot of people on blogger, I have as passion historical costuming. Even though I am just a begginer, I really admire those who are able to create and re-create differente era's clothes. I'd say I have a preference for the 16th and 18th century era, but I enjoy as well seeing artisan craft related to earlier and later periods.
This blog will be about these eras, about my artisan craft (mostly women clothes) and as I've mentionned before, I am a begginer so all critics and advices will be welcomed ! :) I hope you willl enjoy this blog and I will add new posts as soon as I'll start some work !

I also have passion for drawing, especially portraits, so if you are curious or you also love drawing, you can find some of the works I've made here :

I wish all a wonderful day !! :)