Sunday, October 28, 2012

Claude Faustus' victorian tailcoat under progress

Hi everyone ! :) 

I am currently working on the costume of my best friend's boyfriend. He will be Claude Faustus on their next convention so I was okay to make his victorian tailcoat.

It is still not finished I have to add a few buttons on the sleeves, the back and the front, finish the sleeves and sew a fake pocket in the front. :)  

I have used the M6143 McCall's  pattern in size L as a base, sharpened the tail a bit and changed the bottom of the front pannel.

I haven't bought expenssive fabric, I didn't have the budget for this so I choosed 2 yards
 of black thick cotton and also 2 yards of pongee to put interfacing in the inside.

I know, the coat looks large especially in the back, but the bust has a woman shape and the coat is obviously for a man !

I hope you'll like it so far ! :)