Saturday, May 17, 2014

1812s Bardin Vest : Pattern and first steps

The 29th May, my boyfriend and I are going to a reenactment in Montmirail. It's about the battle of Montmirail, which happened under the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte, in 1814 between the French, Russians and Prussians. It will be my second time participating into a reenactment, and this one is going to be a big deal so I am super exited!

He'll be dressed as a french soldier of the 37th infantry regiment, so I decided to sew him the missing parts of his complete uniform, which enchanted him I have to say since napoleonic unifrom are quite expenssive!

Here is what I will be making:

- A bardin vest (which is like a habit vest, the only difference is that it goes staight down the bust insted of being incurved) made in 100% woolen fabric, it was very important for me that the woolen fabric doesn't have a hint of synthetic into it, I want to be as historically accurate as possible.

- A 1812's gilet à manches (which is a sleeved waistcoat) in white/cream woolen fabric

- A pokalem hat in woolen fabric

- A pair of grey gaiters


Private collection of Mr Dawson

Another exemple of Bardin vest

Gilet à manche, Infantery of the Legion, 1815

The actual gilet à manches that I will be reproducing and a great exemple of the Pokalem hat.

Enlarging a pattern is in my opinion the most time consuming part about sewing, it is a task I do with unpleasure and I get pissed at it very easily. Yet it is very important to make sure the pattern corresponds perfectly to the measurements given to you. 
I found on the net one for the bardin vest and another for the habit vest. I've combined most of them, using the chest area of the habit vest, the sleeves and decorations of the bardin one. 

And here are some pictures of the work under progress : 


That's all for the moment, I have 2 more weeks to finish all 4 pieces, hopefully it wil be done before !