Monday, September 17, 2012

My first 18th century stays

Hi everyone ! :)

Here it is, finally, my first 18th century stays are (almost) done ! It wasn't as hard as I've expected, of course, it is not perfect at all, but for a first, I am pretty pleased. :)
The inside isn't really pretty that is why I will not show any pictures of it, I will have to do something with that someday, but for the moment I am just happy to be able, finally, to wear it ! :) 
Unfortunately there are no pictures of the progress, I will take step by step pics for all my next projects.

I used really heavy furniture fabric as a base, 2 layers of it and then I found a old fabric I was keeping in my attic since ages, I didn't know what to do with it and I suddenly had the idea to use it. I'm kinda happy to kept it all the time, old fabric is always useful ! ^^
For the boning, I didn't use iron, I ordered everything for it, but the package I was expecting didn't come in time so I decided to choose another way to bone it.
I found out that tie wrap are as good as iron boning, and even less expenssive ! I used really large ones : 9mm X500mm and wow, I am so please with how the corset holds that I've decided to only use this method.
I used these ones :

The wholes in the back are made with golden eyelets (I was too lazy to make all of them by hands, I know it's bad !!!) 
I didn't use any patterns for the false rump, I just sat down and started to draw the basic shape until I was pleased with it. ^^
Finally I will make the chemise to wear under the stays, I have no idea how to make one, so I will have to search for patterns and explanations ! :) There will be worn pictures of the stays when the chemise will be done. ^^

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